Accessible Backgammon Boards

Stephen Allberry from Petersfield Men’s Shed used his skill to construct two new Accessible Backgammon Boards for the Petersfield u3a.

These Backgammon Boards were specifically designed to make the game accessible to players who are visually, or dexterity challenged. The board incorporates colour contrasted zones (replacing the traditional points) to allow the counters to stand out against the background, and ridges between zones to prevent accidental knocking of counters between zones. Note also the use of an iPad to automatically generate random dice throws. One of these boards has been trialled over a few weeks and has been welcomed by players who are novices, experienced, able bodied and most importantly the target audience those with visual or dexterity issues.

Novices are welcome to contact the u3a to become a member and then receive instruction on how to play this ancient game of skill and luck. They meet every Monday at 10am, attending every week is not expected. Contact the Backgammon Group on the Petersfield u3a website: