Member Update – March 2023

  • The Open Day was a resounding success with over 100 visitors, the rain stayed away, and we also attracted 15 new members. My thanks to everyone who contributed towards the event.
  • We are now open every day, Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. The wood shop is fully operational for your own projects, and we are going to start birdbox and other workshops soon. The only requirement before using is that you must have received training for the general area and each specific piece of equipment; to arrange email Nick at [email protected]
  • Mike Bookham has set up an IT and Electronics team to develop both the upstairs IT and Craft rooms and launch workshop sessions. Watch this space.
  • A Gardening Group is in full swing developing the grounds.
  • Ray hopes to start a guitar playing group, contact Ray at [email protected] if interested.
  • As soon as we have storage, we will empty the small shed and bring together a team interested in developing and equipping the metal shop.
  • We are waiting to receive a donated shed to create the bike shop. Michael Cowen has already gathered a sizable team who will fettle bikes to sell or donate to charities.
  • Murray Whewell has taken over as Secretary from Neil Slatter and joins the MC.
  • We are thinking of having a BBQ for members and partners and suggested date is early evening on Friday 5th May, just before the coronation weekend. We’ll provide the food, and you bring your own drink. If you are keen, please email me at [email protected] and confirm one or two places.
  • Our AGM will be taking place in late May, probably at the Half Moon. TBC.
  • Talking of socials, the management committee (MC) would like to appoint a member to take on a Social Secretary role. This person would work with the MC to organise future social gatherings like the BBQ above, arrange trips and visits to local places of interest, invite members, sort tickets and payments and possibly arrange transport. The scope of this role is wide and just needs an enthusiastic member, if interested please email me at [email protected]
  • If you have other interests that we are not yet discussing, please drop me an email [email protected] with your ideas; we are so lucky to have very flexible premises which can accommodate a wide range of activities. Like Ray above, the MC are very supportive to include all member interests where we can.
  • Lastly, as per our constitution, I have given the MC notice that, after 3 years as Chair, I will step down in a year’s time at the AGM in May 2024. I have requested expressions of interest from the MC members to take on a Vice-Chair role over the next year to allow a smooth transition. I will keep you posted of progress.

I am delighted how we have progressed so far and with all members continued input we shall continue to develop and expand – thank you to everyone for your support.

Steven Watts, Chairman