Men’s Shed Interests Survey

We wanted to build up a picture of what shed members would be interested in doing when we have a shed, allowing us to plan things so it meets their needs, but also understanding the skills that could help get the shed up and running.

Thanks to all members who completed the survey – the results are now in!

The chart below shows the percentage of respondents who were interested in various activities. There was also an option to suggest other activities, which is covered later in this post.

Percentage of respondents interested in suggested activities

We also asked what existing skills members had, and it turns out there are a lot, with someone competent in every field. For those novices wanting to learn, there will be plenty of good advice available.

Competence of respondents in suggested activities

Finally, we asked for suggestions for shed activities and what hobbies / work people did at the moment.

Suggestions for shed activities and existing hobbies and professions, blank boxes indicate a one respondent